If you’re new to the replacement window industry or it’s been a few years since you bought new replacement windows, chances are that you’ve seen quite a few buzz terms being tossed around. They’re all over replacement windowsthe internet, print advertisements, social media and even in your e-mail inbox. We believe that the purchasing process for replacement windows begins with education. The more informed you are before you make a buying decision, the better equipped you’ll be to make a smart choice. You’re in the perfect place to learn about the most commonly used window industry buzzwords for 2014.

Triple Pane Windows

Triple Pane Window really isn’t just a buzz word — they live up to the hype. However, the deal with Triple Pane Windows is that they are somewhat of a reinvention of the popular double pane window. This third pane of glass super charges your windows, adding extra insulation, blocking outdoor noise, and reducing indoor condensation. Triple Pane is the cadillac of the window industry, and they can be expensive if you’re buying from a window company that does not have buying power like Window Depot. We offer Triple Pane at the same price as most competitors charge for dual pane windows.

$189 Window

$189 window is the overly-used set price point for bargain windows. This price is used to lure in customers with a bottom dollar price with plans on upselling once in the home. It’s unlikely that your windows will cost so little if you’re buying from a reputable replacement window company. Honestly, you really should not want replacement windows in your home to be that cheap. For all the reasons why, take a look at The True Expense of Cheap Windows. If you’re still adamant on buying at the lowest price possible, you can buy super cheap windows from big box stores. Read more on their price points and quality on Can You Buy Quality Windows From a Big Box Store?

Free Estimate

The free estimate is pretty standard in the replacement window industry. The free estimate entails a salesman coming to your home and giving you a guess on what your windows will cost — thus an estimate. An estimate is not the same as an exact quote. There are different and sometimes unforeseen variables that can impact the exact cost of your new replacement windows. The estimate gives you an idea of what to expect, but it can vary from your exact bill.

Energy Star

 Energy Star is a government supported program that uses a specific criteria to determine the most energy efficient windows and other building products. Think of Energy Star as a status symbol; if a window company’s products meets Energy Star’s requirements, it means their products are among the best of the best.

Lifetime Warranty

The Lifetime Warranty is a very common offering in the window industry, but also one of the most confusing to consumers. It’s contradicting, but lifetime does not always mean for life. Each company has different definitions in terms of their own lifetime warranties. Find out the details before you buy, and be sure to get the conditions in writing.