Premium Solid-Core Vinyl Siding

Protect the exterior of your home and boost its curb appeal with vinyl siding

Nothing is more gratifying than a welcoming, finished, well-appointed living space that blends personal style with colors, lines and textures in a way that says “this is me.” Just as important is the exterior design of your home – the details, dimension and contrast of your exterior reflect your personal style too.

At Window Depot USA, we’re passionate about applying accessible design concepts to the outside of your home. We appreciate the power of architectural details. And we know that trim, siding, color, doors and windows can all work together to create beautiful exterior designs that reflect who you are and where you live.

Replicate the look and beauty of popular wood profiles with its authentic woodgrain texture with the added benefits of energy savings.


Give your home a classic, crisp-looking exterior with CraneBoard® 6. It’s the 21st century version of a time-tested surface that works in beautiful harmony with accents of stone, shake and board & batten, or can be used to cover an entire façade with smooth integrity. The triple-width, insulated span bridges structural imperfections for a flawless appearance. The milled cedargrain texture, straight face and deep shadows of the 6″ profile give your house a solid, authentic presence.

Performance Features
• Authentic, straight-face design with hand-milled cedargrain beauty
• Smooth interlocking edges keep seams tight for a continuous look
• No painting. No scraping. True Maintenance Freedom!
• R-Value up to 2.5 depending on profile
• Smart Core™ Insulation engineered to breathe and keep moisture out
• 200% stronger bond with our TXL Lamination Technology
• 240% more impact resistant than fiber cement
• Quiet! Reduces noise up to 45%
• Wind resistant up to 200 mph
• Available in 22 colors
• No-Nonsense Life-of-the-Home Warranty

Traditional Siding

Create great design with our wide variety of traditional siding profiles. Each with enhanced features that you will benefit from for years to come.

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Market Square

Protect your home with siding that’s sure to look amazing for years to come with Market Square.® Its remarkably engineered features elevate your home’s beauty while guarding it from the elements – no matter what Mother Nature dishes out. Available in Double 4”, Double 4.5” Dutchlap and Double 5” profiles, Market Square will give your home a strikingly attractive, yet affordable, natural, lasting look.
Performance Features

• Beautiful textured grain of forest-grown cedar
• Special WindBreaker® rolled-over nailing hem provides 135 mph windload performance
• Integri-Lock® locking system snaps panels securely together for sound installation
• Extra wide 5/8″ profile edge with square bottom edge maximizes rigidity and performance
• Available in up to 23 colors
• Lifetime Limited Warranty