For many homeowners, replacement windows are somewhat of a mystery. In a way it makes sense, since windows are one of those things that you buy only a couple times throughout your life.

But when the time comes to buy new windows, there are a few myths that make the process even more mystifying. These myths unfortunately give homeowners a false insight on replacement windows’ performance and price.

So, what exactly are these popular replacement window myths, and is there any truth behind them?

Myth #1: Triple Pane Only Works in Northern Regions

A lot of homeowners are under the false assumption that Triple Pane windows only work in the northern parts of the country. While it’s true that Triple Pane windows do a superior job at keeping the cold outside and keeping in the warmth, they perform just as well in an opposite climate.

In the south, the functioning of Triple Pane windows reverses. This means the Triple Pane window works to keep the hot air outside while containing the cool air inside of your home, achieving ideal temperature ranges in doors.

After all, Energy Star rates Triple Pane windows as the most efficient window on the market. These ratings do not only apply to the northern region of the United States; the ratings apply to the entire country as a whole.

Myth #2: Unbelievably Low Prices

We’ve educated our customers on this blog for quite some time now concerning the true cost of replacement windows. Unfortunately, a lot of replacement window companies still practice ultra low price point marketing to falsely lure in customers.

We’re not saying that there’s anything wrong with advertising a certain price point. But it becomes a problem when the price point that is advertised is much, much lower then what a homeowner will realistically be expected to pay per window.

There are some replacement window companies around the country that advertise windows as low as $99 per window. When you consider manufacturing costs on the shipping expenses, it becomes quite clear that $99 per window is bait and switch.

Always read the fine print on replacement window advertisements, especially when that replacement window as advertised at an ultra low cost.

Myth #3: Triple Pane Doesn’t Perform Any Better Than High Quality Dual Pane

We’re certainly not knocking high-quality dual pane windows. We are America’s Triple Pane window company, but we definitely endorse dual pane windows that are created with superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. In fact, our partners across the country sell these types of windows all year long.

However, there is no denying that Triple Pane windows have performance benefits over dual pane windows. The extra pane of glass allows for an extra of energy efficient gas is to be inserted between the panes. This means that there’s a big jump in terms of energy efficiency between triple and dual pane windows.

Not only are there energy efficiency benefits, but there are sound blocking benefits as well. The third pane of glass really helps in cutting out unwanted outdoor noise, from barking dogs to beeping cars.

Don’t knock Triple Pane until you try it in your own home.

Myth #4: Lifetime Warranty Means You’re Covered For Life

The term lifetime warranty is probably a poor choice of words, because it rarely ever means lifetime. Lifetime has different definitions from company to company, and it’s important to get the details before signing on the dotted line.

For example, some replacement window companies consider a lifetime warranty to be as low as 5 years. Others will warranty their windows up to 30 years, and some companies fall right in the middle—around 15 years.

Hopefully you will never have to use your warranty at all. But if you do, you need to be informed about time limitations. There’s nothing worse than a product giving out months, or even days, after your warranty has expired.

Don’t Let Myths Cost You Money

Buying into replacement window myths can cost you money in the long run. Education is always key before you decide to purchase new windows, and the informative consultants at Window Depot USA can help shed light on your questions and concerns.

Get in touch with us today if your myth has yet to be busted.