Are you a homeowner who’s sitting on the fence between dual and Triple Pane? Your reservations are understandable—after all, replacement windows are a big investment. You don’t want to just jump into the next best thing.

Or do you?

If you have yet to learn about the advantages of Triple Pane windows, we can shed plenty of light on that information. We believe that education is a key factor for happy clients, and we want you walking away feeling well-informed about your purchase.

But before you move forward with buying your new Triple Pane windows, you might be wondering what kind of advantages are in store for you.

Here are 4 things that happen when you switch from dual to Triple Pane.

1. Things Become Awfully Quiet

Are you used to excessive street noise, barking dogs, and noisy neighbors? With Triple Pane windows, all the chaos will quickly become a thing of the past.

Triple Pane can reduce outdoor noise by up to 35%—transforming your home into a quiet sanctuary rather than a front row seat for your neighbor’s 3 a.m. house party.

You’ll have a silent night every night.

2. You’ll Get Way Too Comfortable

The saying make yourself at home will take on a whole new meaning with Triple Pane windows. Triple pane excels in helping your home maintain a consistent and desire temperature, no matter the weather.

Best of all, this benefit works just as good in the north as it does in the south. Whether you want your home to stay warm or cool, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the lack of drafts and enhanced comfort.

Soon enough, you’ll find yourself feeling really comfortable—almost too comfortable.

But be careful. Too much comfort can lead to impromptu napping sessions.

3. You’ll Save More Energy

Did you know that Triple Pane windows can increase your energy savings by up to 59%? Of course, this all depends on the state of your old windows, the age of your HVAC, and other factors.

But it’s hard to deny that Triple Pane helps save homeowners energy. That’s one of the very things that they’re famous for.

We can’t guarantee a dollar amount on how much you’ll save by switching from dual to Triple Pane, but we think that the savings has the potential to surprise you.

4. You’ll Say Goodbye to Indoor Condensation

Your windows are supposed to keep the moisture out. Unfortunately, underperforming dual pane windows can allow condensation to seep inside, promoting mold growth and other unwanted issues.

If you’ve been experiencing condensation for quite some time with your old dual pane windows, you’re in for much drier indoor conditions with Triple Pane.

The water will stay outside where it belongs, and mold will no longer be a match.

What’s Your Triple Pane Experience?

Have you experienced the power of triple pane firsthand? If so, we bet you’re agreeing with almost all the things that happen when you switch from dual to Triple Pane.

And for those homeowners who are still undecided, we think you’ll be happy to hear that you can score Triple Pane windows at dual pane prices.

Don’t believe it? Contact us for a quote today.