Patio Doors

Incredibly secure thanks to the incorporation of three separate locking points

Open up a world of possibilities with Patio Doors by Window Depot USA. Our patio doors glide open with fingertip ease while adding aesthetic appeal to your home. Window Depot USA designs custom made patio doors specifically to your dimensions.

Security will never be an issue with Window Depot USA patio doors; they are equipped with a keyed lockset a thumb-turn dead bolt and a kick-lock. These 3 separate locking points ensure the security of your family, and give you daily peace-of-mind.

Go beyond our standard Patio Door and consider the Signature Series Patio Door. Window Depot USA Signature Series Patio Door is constructed with a heavy duty main frame and superior strength fully welded and reinforced sash. The roller system is non-corrosive and made from a technologically advanced composite material.

Add functionality and elegance to your home by adding Window Depot USA Patio Door with its new industry-leading ergonomic design.

Patio Door Purchase: Things to Consider

Consider your surroundings. Are there steps? Is there enough room for a 6-foot door? It is often easier to get tableware and trays of food out of a 6-foot patio door.

Patio Doors are typically installed where there is an attractive view. Adding Patio Doors that showcase an attractive

Consider the amount of foot traffic that may increase wear and tear on your door. If you are replacing a conventional hinged door with a sliding Patio Door, be aware of what way the door slides in regards to furniture.view add value to your home.Pick a glass style according to the amount of sunlight that you want. We offer custom grooved glass styles with numerous shapes and textures available.For more information regarding the many options and features available with our Window Depot USA Patio Doors, just fill out the free patio door quote form today.