Top Reasons to Choose Window Depot USA

We've got dozens of reasons, but let's just start with the top 10

TEN Great Reasons to give us the opportunity to help with your Replacement Window project.

1. All of our partner locations are locally owned and operated. This means that you get local, intimate service…not some corporate monolith that dictates what makes YOU happy from a nice little tax haven in Connecticut or somewhere…

2. Our products not only meet rigid Energystar criteria, but a lot of our window packages EXCEED them. In fact…our Triple Pane packages meet Energystar standards that aren’t even here yet. Huh? Yeah…there are newly proposed Energystar standards for 2015, and we’re all over them.

3. Up Front Pricing – Some companies hide their price until the “very end”…when you’re so exhausted from hours of window babble, that you’ll agree to just about anything. We think that’s just wrong. Our prices are fair, our intent is pure…provide more value than any other window company can.

4. Triple Pane at Dual Pane Prices! – Most of our competitors don’t even OFFER Triple Pane glass…we specialize in it. In fact, most of our competitors are charging for DUAL pane, what we charge for TRIPLE pane.

5. Specialized Insulating Packages – We’ve designed specific window packages, built around the insulating power that’s right for your neck of the woods.

6. We’re in nearly 100 markets across the U.S.

7. All of our windows are Custom manufactured to fit your home and your needs. We do NOT use any “stock” windows or window sizes.

8. All of our windows have Fusion Welded corners for extra strength and less chance of leakage.

9. We do NOT strive to be the Cheapest. Instead, our goal is to provide you with more VALUE than any other company in America can. Our prices are absolutely affordable, and in most cases…less expensive than 90% of the other companies out there. But we Absolutely WILL NOT guarantee you that we’re the CHEAPEST. In fact…we believe that’s a recipe for disaster.

10. We’re proud to be a part of the network. Learn more here…