You’ve seen them at the local home improvement store: rows of stark white windows ready to pop in place in your very own home, as easy as 1-2-3. Do-it-yourself windows with a super cheap price tag are always a smart choice, right? Big box windows do have their place, but for most home owners, it’s smart to explore all options. If you think your mind is set on big box windows, here are several factors to consider before opening your wallet.

All Windows are Not Created Equal
If three windows of identical size and color were lined up in front of you, could you tell the difference in energy efficiency and quality by just looking at it? Probably not. There are factors such as Argon gas fill and Low E ratings to consider when purchasing a window, which are unable to be seen with the naked eye. We’re not saying that you can’t get decent windows from a big box store, but let’s face it. Most windows that are manufactured for big box stores are low builder grade and mass produced.

No Experts on Hand
You may get lucky and have a retired replacement window contractor or installer working while you shop, but for the most part, big box stores don’t hire window experts. No disrespect to the employees, but they are generally hired to answer basic questions and help you load up your cart. If you’re looking to get some in-depth explanations on the windows you’re considering, you may not get the answers you’re looking for (or, unfortunately, the correct answers) without consulting a professional. Once your transaction is completed, you’ll have to contact the manufacturer to inquire about any questions or problems.

Limited Aesthetic Options
The color selections for windows at big box stores are white and, well…. white. With so many wonderful vinyl colors to choose from to enhance your home, you shouldn’t be limited to just white. ┬áBy ordering from a professional replacement window company, you’ll have a variety of colors and other aesthetic options, including wood grain, to choose from.

Replacement window companies such as Window Depot USA have direct factory relationships, meaning your windows ship to us and we install for you. Buying your own windows from a big box store might be the right choice in some circumstances. Educate yourself on the windows you plan to buy. Consider the overall design of your home and remember that different climates require different types of windows. When in doubt, contact a professional!