One of the best benefits of Triple Pane Windows is its sound-deadening capabilities. In the United States, a classification system known as Sound Transmission Class (or STC) rates how well windows, walls, and other building characteristics carry sound. The higher the STC rating, the more efficient the window is for blocking outside noise. Single pane windows are rated 21, dual pane is 26, and Triple pane windows from Window Depot USA have a 31 STC rating.

We’ve mentioned quite a few times that Triple Pane windows are ultra efficient for blocking noise, making your home quieter and helping you sleep better at night. Let’s have a little fun with triple pane’s sound blocking technology.

Your Neighbor’s Fireworks Extravaganza

Do you have an early morning meeting on July 5th? Are booming fireworks shaking the foundation of your house? Even if your neighbor is setting off fireworks in all directions, you’ll get all the sleep you need with Triple Pane.


Storm brewing outside? Better keep an eye out. Triple pane is so quiet, tornados will sneak right up on you.

Freight Train

Their horns alone are enough to plug your ears; not with Triple pane windows. Living by train tracks with Triple Pane will sound the same as living beside a peaceful meadow.

Jet Engine

First trains, now planes. More specifically, jet engines. They’ll probably blow away your lawn ornaments and patio furniture, but hearing it? Not so much.

Volcanic Explosion

triple pane windows

Chances are that you don’t live anywhere near a volcano. But in case you do, at least you won’t be woken up by an explosion thanks to Triple Pane windows. Those volcanoes sure can disrupt your sleep!

Sonic Boom

As one of the loudest sounds to the human ear, sonic booms are audible components of a shock wave. Triple pane window technology blocks sonic booms so you can sleep more soundly.

OK, so maybe we exaggerated a little bit . . . or a lot. In actuality, Triple Pane window’s STC rating is just 10 points under the rating for airport windows. It’s impressive, but it really won’t drown out sonic booms or explosions. If you have problems with road noise, barking dogs or loud neighbors, Triple Pane windows will bring you some relief. But if you need windows that block out jet engines, you might be waiting a few years for that kind of technology. Enjoy today’s Triple Pane, though, for its sound blocking technology and unparalleled energy efficiency.