6a00e54f86af56883301156fcc2e72970c-800wiEveryone likes to save a buck . . . or two . . . or hundreds. We get it. Our society has grown accustomed to getting the best deal at the cheapest price possible, and sometimes it makes sense. That’s why we have low cost bargain stores where cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products and cute decorative accents are available at deep discounts. Then there are items, such as replacement windows, that really can’t be sold at super low prices . . . but they’re advertised that way. And the end product you end up with is, well, Dollar Store quality.

This isn’t a blog post with the sole purpose of degrading low end windows. Here at Window Depot, we firmly believe there is not enough eduction surrounding the true quality of windows at various price points. Sometimes homeowners just don’t have much budget to work with, and cheap is the only option. Unfortunately,  cheap windows can come with higher price tags in the end.

When you’re buying bottom dollar windows, cheap vinyl is used in their manufacturing. This particular vinyl consists of more calcium carbonate than the vinyl used in higher grade windows. Additional calcium carbonate makes low end windows susceptible to chipping, cracking and blistering. If you’re replacing your old windows due to any of these reasons, and you’re taking the inexpensive route with your new windows, it’s only a matter of time until you’re back to square one. Higher grade replacement windows use more titanium dioxide, resulting in better structural integrity that lasts longer.

While the lifespan of windows can be up to 15-20 years, roughly 40% are replaced within 5 years. With cheap windows and gimmicky ads flooding the market, it’s a little coincidental that such a high percentage of windows need replaced so soon. Ultimately these windows need replaced within 5 years because they begin to warp, leak air and lose their efficiency.

Low energy efficiency is one of the biggest factors when it comes to cheap windows. We’ve said before that efficiency can be largely affected by proper installation, but there is only so much that good installation can do for low quality windows. Once these windows start leaking or malfunctioning, you’re looking at repairs or replacement. Hopefully you are still covered under warranty by that point. If not, things could get costly.

The biggest expense with cheap windows is replacing them a second time only several years later. The choice is ultimately yours when it comes to what quality window is installed in your home. Keep in mind that quality crafted windows have a higher return on investment, save more energy and bring more value to your lifestyle and home.