Yet another year has come and gone, and 2014 was a year of growth here at Window Depot USA. As we work toward our goal to transforming the replacement window industry and dominating the market, we have expanded our location base this year with top-notch contractors from around the country. As 2014 comes to a close, we’d like to welcome aboard the newest members of the Window Depot USA Network.

1. Window Depot USA of Boston, Massachusetts


Window Depot USA welcomed our Boston, MA location in the spring of 2014. Based out of Melrose, MA, Window Depot USA of Boston is owned by Dennis Gyrnkiewicz. Dennis started his career in the home improvement industry as a community manager for local contractors; he built houses and managed construction projects. He services the entire greater Boston area, including Cambridge, Somerville, Everett, and Chelsea. Dennis offers top-quality replacement windows to Boston residents at affordable prices.

2. Window Depot USA of San Antonio, Texas


Window Depot USA of San Antonio joined the Window Depot network in the summer of 2014. Owner Ron Mertz is also owner of Department of Energy, a local home improvement company that focuses on remodeling, patio and driveway concrete work, interior and exterior painting, and glass repair. Above all else, Ron is dedicated to servicing the San Antonio area with Triple Pane windows at dual pane prices.

3. Window Depot USA of Jacksonville, Florida

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Jeff Harrington joined the network as Window Depot USA of Jacksonville in the fall of 2014. Jeff is also an owner of a local remodeling company known as Harrington Home Renovations, servicing the entire area of northeast Florida. As a Window Depot USA partner, Jeff brings over 15 years’ experience as a contractor. He got his start in Chicago as he worked himself up to management, while eventually breaking away and starting his own home improvement company. He’s now focused on transforming Jacksonville’s old aluminum windows to energy efficient Triple Pane windows.

4. Window Depot USA of Youngstown, Ohio


Window Depot USA of Youngstown became an official retail partner in the fall of 2014. Richard Begalla owns and operates the location, and services the general northeast Ohio region as well as portions of western Pennsylvania. Although Richard is a jack-of-all-trades, he is a master of some — replacement windows, in particular. Richard got his start in the replacement window industry as a sales rep for a local window company. After working for several replacement window companies in the area, he began operating as Window Depot USA of Youngstown, educating Youngstown residents on the powers of Triple Pane windows.

Next week we’ll be featuring another batch of brand new Window Depot USA partners. Our growth rate is skyrocketing, and we can’t wait to show off even more amazing contractors that decided to join the best window company in the industry.