Old wood siding.  (Windows and doors are new).

You’re a homeowner with high utility bills, and you needed new windows yesterday. You call your local Window Depot USA expecting an easy one-step transaction, then you’re told that you need to schedule an in-home demonstration. Or you’re at a home show with your window measurements, ready to buy on the spot, and your vendor requests a visit to your home for a demo. What? But you already know how a window works! Well, there’s a little more to it than that. We’ll show you how the window works during our visit, but there are several more aspects that are important to be seen and discussed at the home. No one likes bad (and potentially costly) surprises, and starting the window purchase process with an in-home demo helps eliminate any unwanted mishaps.

Accurate Measurements
We aren’t questioning your math skills, here. With that said, it’s extremely important that all windows are measured correctly. You can probably imagine what kind of disaster can occur when a window is mismeasured. A mere quarter-inch can throw your whole project into a tailspin. If you provide the window measurement and you are wrong, you will have to foot the bill for another set of windows. This mistake can easily become very expensive. Take the safe route and allow our professional contractors to accurately measure for your windows, and get it right the first time.

Accurate Quotes
While you can technically get a ballpark quote at a home show or over the phone, the BBB recommends against it. Without actually seeing your current windows and measuring, it’s tough to give an accurate cost. It isn’t any fun being quoted an amount that you can afford for your new windows, only to open your pocketbook the day of the install and owe an additional, $300, $500 or even $1000. With an in-home demonstration, you can expect a much more accurate quote than by taking what you get at a home show and hoping for the best.

Styles and Features
Styles and features can technically be browsed online and in a catalogue, which is great for convenience. But sometimes it’s not always clear as to what comes standard and what is an add-on. You might see a demo at a home show and decide to order it as-is, not realizing that the demo is a run-of-the-mill dual pane. Or you may order seeing a demo that is technically a super window with all the bells and whistles, when what you really wanted was something in-between. Don’t forget that there may be new colors or add-ons that are not mentioned in last year’s brochure. Opt for the in-home demo, and the sales professional will fill you in on all of the current options, add-ons, and help you select the best window for your home.

Play it safe when it comes to an investment such as buying new windows. You wouldn’t drive a car off the lot without test driving it, and you shouldn’t wing a new window purchase, either. Always err on the side of caution with your home!