By now you have likely heard of the all-powerful Triple Pane Window. Triple Pane takes energy savings and innovation to the next level, providing more benefits than any other style of window has before. As you’ve learned about Triple Pane and its advantages, one thought may have crossed your mind: how can you tell if your window really is Triple Pane?



This video demonstrates an ultra-easy method to determining how many panes of glass is inside of your window. Unfortunately, it’s tough for the average homeowner to see the third pane of glass without a professional’s guidance. But with this simple Triple Pane tip, you’ll easily be able to spot that third pane of glass in no time flat.

All you need is a window and a flashlight or lighter.

Three Lights, Three Panes

Hold a flashlight so it’s shining directly through your window. This can be done from either the inside or the outside of the window. As the light passes through the glass, you will see either two or three spots of light. Each spot of light represents one pane of glass.

dual pane windows

In our first demonstration, you can see that there are two spots of light reflecting in the glass. This shows that this is a dual pane window with two pieces of glass.



In our second demonstration, you can see three spots of light reflecting in the glass. This means that there are 3 panes of glass, thus demonstrating a true Triple Pane window.

Learn more about our Triple Pane windows here, and when you’re ready, contact us to find out how you can experience the power of Triple Pane in your own home.