5 Reasons Why Window Depot Runs Home Shows Like a Boss

Here at Window Depot, we take the value of home shows quite seriously. This year, we were granted the opportunity to sponsor a major home show in the Youngstown, Ohio market: The Mahoning Valley Home and Garden Show. We’ve got big things planned and are excited to make an impact on the market and the local community. The Mahoning Valley Home and Garden Show runs Feb 27-March 1, 2015 in Niles Ohio.

Home shows are more than just about showing off our awesome Triple Pane Windows (although, we admit that its one of our favorite parts). In addition to product display, here are 5 more reasons why we can’t wait for The Mahoning Valley Home and Garden Show. Youngstown residents, we hope to see you there!

1. We turn customers into friends

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 11.23.01 AM

It’s nice to know who you’re working with. It’s even better when you feel like you’re working with a friend.  We know what it’s like to make big purchases, and it’s important that you get to know the company that you’re buying from. After all, we are part of your community and want you to enjoy your home for many years to come. When you love your home and your windows, we know we did our job. Don’t be shy with us at The Mahoning Valley Home and Garden Show. Strike up a conversation and get to know us. We’ll get to know you, too, and we always have room for new friends!

Visit us at Booth 91 at the Expo Center in Niles, OH

2. We bring free candy

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 11.21.11 AM

Crying kids? Cranky adults? No problem. We want you to enjoy your experience at The Mahoning Valley Home and Garden Show, so we decided to bring an extra special treat: free M&Ms. Whether you need an afternoon pick-me-up or you just love chocolate, swing by our booth and pick up your free pack.

3. We go big

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 11.24.15 AM

When we are at a home show, you’ll know it from the moment you walk in. At The Mahoning Valley Home and Garden Show, you’ll see our stage banner that measures 6×10 feet. It’s hard to miss Window Depot at any event.

4. We bring the Window Wagon

Speaking of going big, we’ll be heading to The Mahoning Valley Home and Garden Show in our famous Window Wagon. Our Window Wagon turns heads and pops up at all sorts of places. You can see it with your own eyes next weekend!

5. We love the competition

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 11.33.11 AM

You read that right. Our competitors will be everywhere, but this only will enhance the quality of our products and presentation. Everyone will be on top of their game, but there is simply no losing with Window Depot. We’re in it to win it.

Window Depot USA is not only at The Mahoning Valley Home and Garden Show— we have home shows all over the country. From Massachusetts to Utah, you’ll find us at home shows all season long. Check out our locations page and find your local Window Depot; chances are, we’re coming to a home show near you!