replacement window companies

When you’re shopping for new replacement windows, you’re also shopping the company. It’s important that you find a window company that you can trust and earns your business through certain credentials. You already know of the tried-and-true methods of checking out online reviews from places like Yelp, reading testimonials on websites and referrals from friends and family. There are other less-known tactics you can use to investigate the window company you’re considering, and here’s where the digging begins.

The Not-So-Obvious Website Signals

It’s a given that replacement window companies will point you to glimmering reviews onsite. However, there are other hints around company websites that give you ideas of how the business is operating. For example, check out the company blog. It really may not seem like a big deal at first glance, but take a close look. Is it consistently updated? If a replacement window company has a designated blog that hasn’t been updated since last year, what else are they neglecting?

Take a look at the design of the website. Is it remotely modern? Does it look professional? What is your first impression when landing on the website?

The idea here is to see how active they are with their website and how much effort is put into online presence. You may be thinking that putting such a big emphasis on web presence is going overboard, but it’s not. Replacement window companies that expect to stay afloat should put time and energy into managing their website.

Social Media Interaction

All businesses should have some kind of social media presence, whether it’s Facebook or Twitter. This is no different for replacement window companies.  When you find the company profile, take a look at what they’re saying. Is it nothing but “me, me, me”? The focus should be on you, you, you . . . the customer. Do you find the company only posts when they want you to buy something? Are the only photos they post of advertisements?

This is also a golden opportunity to see how the company interacts with customers. Are questions answered? Complaints addressed? How they handle their social media interaction is an indicator of how customers will be treated in the real world.

Youtube Presence

Also a social media signal, Youtube presents a unique spin on a company’s social presence. A solid Youtube channel can include video testimonials from previous customers, descriptive feature videos and helpful how-to’s.  You will probably find some local commercials on their channel if applicable. Check out what kind of videos they’re marketing and how it differs from the competition. Are they helpful or pushy?

Take Advantage Of Your Local News Source

Use your local news stations’ websites as an information source for replacement window companies in your community. The search function on their website can help you dig up both new and old archived information about the company. If no stories or articles pop up, you know what they say — no news is good news.