The power of Triple Pane is undeniable with its ultra-efficient technology and ability to save energy. While Triple Pane is not mainstream just yet, it is gaining popularity as consumers come to realize its true benefits. If you are considering making the smart upgrade to Triple Pane, we applaud you for educating yourself on the market’s most efficient replacement windows. Keep in mind that these are all elements that apply specifically to Window Depot USA’s line of Triple Pane replacement windows. We strive to provide the very best quality windows in the industry.

1. Exceeds 2016 Energy Star Standards

While we are still in 2014, Window Depot is already two steps — or two years — ahead of the game. Energy Star released its guidelines for window energy efficiency requirements, and the numbers are as follows:

In order for a window to meet Energy Star requirements, it must withhold a minimum U-Factor and SHGC rating. Each rating is determined by Climate Zone, which is demonstrated on this chart.

Here at Window Depot, we set our standards high. Instead of merely meeting Energy Star’s requirements, our Triple Pane windows exceed the recommended ratings. Not only are you getting the best of the best, you are getting what is considered the best two years from now.

2. 52% Better Thermal Performance


Thermal Performance relates to heat transferring through a window. Heat can escape through glass, spacers, frames and the sash. With Window Depot’s Triple Pane windows, improved and extra efficient technology blocks heat from escaping your home by up to 52 percent. This is achieved by the additional pane of glass, advanced spacer technology and higher U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain ratings.

3. 35% Better at Blocking Outside Noise

If you are living on a busy street, Triple Pane Windows can literally help you sleep better at night. Compared to the standard dual pane window, Triple Pane cuts outdoor noise by 35 percent. That means you will hear less beeping cars and barking dogs, and you will spend more time counting sheep.

4. 90% Better Argon Retention

Argon is an invisible gas that is inserted between the panes of dual and triple pane windows. Its purpose is to increase the energy efficiency of a window. Since Argon gas is denser than the atmosphere, it provides more thermal efficiency between the panes than just air. Window Depot uses a non-metallic spacer that can more efficiently contain your Argon gas. Most companies use metal spacers, and those spacers are prone to losing Argon over time.

5. Thermally Certified with ThermalCert

When we say that there is Argon in your windows, we mean it. This video by Window Depot describes Thermal Cert and how we can guarantee that gas is, in fact, inside of your windows.

6. Energy Star’s Most Efficient Award

You already know that we surpassed Energy Star’s efficiency requirements for 2016, but did you also know that our Triple Pane Windows were awarded the Most Efficient award for 2014?

Energy Star approves, and we think that you will, too.


7. 51% Better Condensation Resistance

Triple Pane technology is perfected to reduce the amount of condensation that forms in and around your windows. Condensation in your windows can promote mold growth, and Triple Pane is up to 51% more efficient for cutting down on condensation that can make you sick.

8. All For The Same Price As Competitor’s Dual Pane

Triple Pane may be a premium window, but that does not mean it has to be pricey. Window Depot offers Triple Pane Windows at the same price as most competitor’s offer dual pane. Triple pane for the same price as Dual Pane? Sounds like a no-brainer to us.