Window Prices

After learning about how Window Quality and Materials influence window prices in Part I, and Window Cosmetic costs in Part II, Part III discusses energy efficiency and how it affects the cost of replacement windows. Energy efficiency options, surprising to most, isn’t necessarily the biggest price variation in the industry. With film, gases and multiple panes available for efficiency, prices will vary depending on the combination you choose.

The ‘film’ we are referring to is known as Low-E coating. It is a microscopically thin, virtually invisible metallic layer on your window’s glass surface. Low-E can be applied to both double or triple pane windows. Its primary purpose is to prevent solar heat gain.

The ‘gases’ we are referring to are Argon and Krypton. They are odorless, colorless, non-toxic inert gases that can be used instead of plain air between your window panes. Their primary role is to increase energy and efficiency. Argon is a very efficient gas at a great value. Krypton costs slightly more as it’s a denser gas.

Our windows are certified by ThermalCERT. ThermalCERT is a verification program that scientifically verifies the gas filling process of your new windows. This way, you are guaranteed to get what you pay for.

Keep in mind that any energy saving options that you apply to your windows come at an additional charge. Expect to pay roughly 10-15% more for gas and Low-E from the base price of a window.

Low-E coating (film) and gas work best when they are paired together. At Window Depot, the two come together standard. Window Depot offers Silver Plus, Gold and Platinum energy packages.

By now you are likely aware of the difference between Dual Pane and Triple Pane Windows. If not, our Triple Pane Window page will catch you up to speed. Dual Pane windows are a common choice amongst homeowners, but as the country becomes more aware of energy savings, Triple Pane is gaining popularity. Triple Pane is the most efficient window on the market, but it does come at a slightly higher price than Dual Pane. The cost difference between dual pane and triple pane is about 20-25%. However, there are frequent promotions available. Don’t forget that Window Depot offers Triple Pane windows at prices that most of our competitors sell at Dual Pane. Our national buying power makes this possible. If you could buy Triple Pane windows at Dual Pane pricing, why wouldn’t you?

There is no denying that quality replacement windows are an investment. You likely feel even more pressured when big-brand pushy salesmen enter your home and charge you twice more than the advertised sales price. Window prices are a sensitive topic, and you probably won’t find a lot of price information online from retailers. Our goal at Window Depot is to educate our customers and tell the truth in regards to the real cost of windows.

The price information given in this series is ballpark, and as you know, costs will vary. Our hope is that you found this series useful for prices based on a percentile scale, and you can apply this information to your quote to see if you’re getting the best deal.  Not all window companies are greedy, but you deserve to know the truth.