For the first-ever series on the Window Depot blog, we are digging in to the question “Why do replacement window costs vary so much?” We broke this down into a series because there are many variables that come into play as to why window costs can range anywhere from $189 to $1500 per window. As a homeowner who most likely has a budget, the goal of this series is to help you understand the price ranges and make the best decision when purchasing new replacement windows for your home.

Window Prices & Cosmetics

Color Options for Vinyl Replacement Windows

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.12.18 AMAll cosmetic features for replacement windows have an acquisition cost. After the in-home demonstration is given, retailers decide while in the home what the charge will be for specified cosmetic features.

For vinyl color options, all stock colors cost the same. Window Depot offers 12 exterior colors for your vinyl replacement windows at the same cost.

The extra charge becomes a factor when a homeowner requests a custom color. The additional charge is for matching your new custom paint color to the requested color palette.

Our Panorainbow Exterior Color selection gives quite an array of options for the home; you don’t have to be stuck with white!

For homeowners who are more eclectic or have very specific tastes, expect to pay slightly more for your custom vinyl color.


Window Grids

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 11.13.48 AM


Window grids are an additional expense, but they are generally set at a fixed rate. One style of window grid shouldn’t cost much more than the other, if it costs any more at all.

Generally, most cosmetic options that are not stock will run you about a 10% markup.

Get The Look of Wood for FREE


I thought that’d get your attention. We mentioned on Part I of this blog series that wood windows are the most expensive material for replacement windows. ¬†We also mentioned that you can get the look of wood with vinyl replacement windows at a much lower cost than real wood. Window Depot has an upgrade package that is so new, my boss hasn’t approved any marketing content for it yet.

However, there is no better opportunity to mention that Window Depot USA’s Gold Package now includes a FREE upgrade to interior woodgrain. If you’re on the fence about switching up vinyl for wood, but don’t want the high price tag, this opportunity is the perfect compromise.