Just as technology in smart phones, TVs and computers continues to advance, the same is happening with replacement windows, glass technology and gas fill. Low-E products available today are almost at the lowest level of emissivity that you can get. So where is the next advancement?

Glass technology is evolving today that is focused not entirely on U-Value or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), but overall energy. One such instance is ThermalCERT from Window Depot USA. The ThermalCERT is a verification program that scientifically verifies the gas filling process of your new windows. ThermalCERT approved windows come with a certificate of thermal performance. With that said, a combination of glass technology of glazing and gas is the key to optimum efficiency. Keep in mind that over 75% of your new window is glass.  The efficiency of your ‘glass package’ determines your overall energy savings. With ThermalCERT, you can be certain that gas is physically inside of your window, and the U-Value you were promised is the U-Value you receive.

The concern of the typical homeowner in today’s market is to stop wasting energy, and while different advancements exist today, not much has been done in terms of marketing. For instance, Vacuum Insulated Glass is not that new to the industry, but it is virtually unheard of by most consumers. It’s speculated that super-advanced triple-glazed Vacuum Insulated Glass will be available within 10-15 years with an R-20 rating. To put this advancement into perspective, an R-20 window has about the same efficiency as an exterior wall. The Energy Star minimum requirement is R-3.1, and the best on the market is R-6. It took 16 years for the requirement to go from R-2 to R-3.1.

While the claim may be a stretch, modern technology offers energy efficient options that can help you save energy today. Window Depot can help you reach your energy conservation goals with ThermalCERT and Triple Pane Windows.