Every year, one week in April is dedicated as National Window Safety Week. It might not be the biggest celebration of the year, but it serves as an important reminder of window safety situations involving children and house fires. In honor of Window Safety Week, Window Depot USA is giving the rundown on what it means to stay window safe all year long.

Plan Ahead For Your Fire Escape Plan

National Window Safety Week stresses the importance of pre-planning a fire escape route in your home. When you can’t get outside through a door, your window can serve as your next lifeline. Choose a window in your home that is easy to access and isn’t blocked by large furniture. Try to select a window on the ground floor if at all possible, and make sure that all members of your family are aware of your chosen fire escape window.

Occasionally Check Locks For Proper Functioning

If it’s been a while since you’ve checked over your window locks, do a quick inspection. Make sure that the locks are easy to open from the inside in the event that an emergency happens. This ensures that everyone can exit through your designated escape window quickly.

While you are checking the locks, make sure that every window in your house is operable. Windows that are nailed or painted shut will only seal off exit points during an emergency.

If your windows can’t be opened quickly and easily, consider replacing them.

Be Aware of Babies, Small Children

Another aspect of National Window Safety Week is protecting children from window-related accidents. Be aware of furniture that children can crawl on and easily access a window. Moving furniture away from windows can help prevent serious accidents.

If you can’t move furniture away from ground floor windows, consider planting soft shrubs or bushes to break any potential falls. Woodchips and soft grass are another good option.

Keeping your windows locked while children are around can also help prevent accidents.

Springtime is the perfect time to inspect, clean, and check your windows for proper functioning. Enjoy the fresh air in your home after a long winter, and always keep the guidelines from National Window Safety Week in the back of your mind.