Once upon a time, free replacement window estimates weren’t always free. Shady replacement window companies would charge homeowners for presenting, pricing, and freeanswering basic questions while in the home. Can you imagine having to pay to learn the price of a product, then shelling out even more money to buy it? It’s not a wonder why that tactic didn’t last too long. The free estimate has now become a service staple within the replacement window industry throughout the last couple of decades. All replacement window companies (hopefully) offer the free estimate, and that’s how it should be. The free estimate is an industry standard, and it’s the same thought process as approaching your mechanic for a quote. If you are getting charged for repair or maintenance price at the body shop, it’s time to find a new mechanic. If you’re getting charged for an estimate on new windows, it’s time to find a new window company STAT.

Free Estimate: What’s in it For You

During your free estimate from Window Depot USA, you’ll be opened to the world of energy efficient and Triple Pane replacement windows. We’ll bring our trusty window demo along so you can have a visual, tangible, and real-world example of the product that’ll be installed in your home. The demo window includes locks and operates just like a real window. Giving the demo window a spin, you’ll find it open and closes as smooth as butter.

You’ll be educated on the advancements of the Triple Pane Window, and discover why it’s the best window on the market. We’ll explain what makes Triple Pane so competitive, the ins and outs of Triple Pane vs. Dual Pane, and fill you in on gas fills and other energy-saving technology.

You’ll also be introduced to our selection of vinyl colors. You can play it safe with white or add character with brandywine. There are 12 exterior colors available, and our professional sales team can help you choose a color that truly enhances your home.

There are some extra bells and whistles we’ll incorporate into your free estimate, but for now, those are remaining hush-hush until we’re in your home. It’s part of our secret sauce that sets Window Depot apart from the other companies that come knocking on your door. If you really want to know what it is,  you’ll have to schedule an appointment to find out.

The Best Things in Life Are Free

The best part about the free estimate is that it’s well, free. There are absolutely no risks involved by scheduling a free estimate. Even if you don’t decide to buy, you’ll know a lot more about windows than you did when we first walked through your door. And that’s a promise!