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Replacement Windows & False Promises

If you’re in the market for new replacement windows, you’ve inevitably seen advertising claims for $189 windows. And while at first you may be thinking…wow, what a great price, that’s really inexpensive…what you’ll soon find out, is that there’s much more to the story. And I’m about to reveal it to you, right here, right now.

What’s happening…is that these window companies are using an impossibly low price to catch your attention.

Have you ever seen an ad on TV for a really nice car, at a price that seemed too good to be true? A price that made you say…whoa!…I can have THAT car for THAT low of a price.

Have you ever heard of someone going to the dealership looking for that deal, only to find out that there was “only one” of those models in stock, but the salesman would be happy to show them another car?

This is what’s known as “bait and switch” advertising.

The extremely low priced car was the bait. And when the person visited the car dealership, the model advertised was conveniently out of stock. But don’t worry…they’ll gladly show you another car while you’re there. The switch.

In the replacement window business, this type of advertising has become very popular. The bait? $189.00 for “any size” window. A price that is over $700 CHEAPER than the national average, according to the Cost vs. Value report published each year by Remodeling Magazine. Think about that.

So if the bait is an impossibly low price, what’s the switch? Here’s how it works.

Method 1: The salesman will tell you that the $189 model will take an extraordinary amount of time to be delivered and installed in your home. 12 weeks, perhaps even 16 weeks or longer. Therefore…the homeowner, who is interested and in need of new replacement windows, says: “I can’t wait 4 or 5 MONTHS for my project”. To which the salesman says: “Well, we do have other models that are manufactured and installed in less than 4 weeks. Would you like to hear about those?”

And as you’d expect…that other window is “just a bit more expensive”. You have effectively been baited, and then switched.

Method 2: You can in fact purchase the window for $189.00, BUT…additional options are extra. What options, you ask?

How about things such as a screen, or insulated Low E coatings or Argon gas. How about a charge to REMOVE the old windows from your property?

That’s right…some companies will charge you to haul away the old windows. If you don’t want to pay that charge? Well I guess they’ll just leave the old windows in your yard.

Can you imagine this?

And I mentioned charging extra for a SCREEN…remember. Let me tell you another secret…windows don’t COME without screens.

The only way a company could NOT give you a screen…is to remove it from the window BEFORE they came to your house. It is a trick…to charge a little extra.

And when you add up all these additional upcharges, that $189 price tag just got a LOT bigger.

Let’s think about this: What are the chances you’re going get a quality replacement window that insulates your home and makes it more quiet and attractive, installed by professional craftsman, and that carries a strong warranty…all for $189.00?

Instead of falling for bait and switch tactics, why not schedule a demonstration from

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I wanted to thank you and tell you how much we enjoy our new windows. They cut the noise by probably at least 50%. And the are so easy to open and close, it’s so nice. Also, thank you to your excellent staff who were so neat and courteous during the installation. And finally, I appreciate you taking the extra effort to get our windows installed so quickly! It was all around an excellent experience and I will highly recommend you to anyone I encounter who is looking for window replacement.

Katrina S. - Apex, NC

Clear Choice did a great job for us from coming out to show us their product through the estimate and then setting up the installation date we needed. The workmen did a great job and cleaned their work area very well. They actually replaced windows in our upstairs so they worked in the house. All work was done promptly and clean up was great. I have already talked to them about possibly replacing our downstairs windows in the future.

Fred B. - Fuquay Verina, NC

Replaced our 11 windows with argon windows. Hauled off old windows and storm windows.They were great, very professional, polite, and respectful of our home. Arrived on time and did not stop until they finished cleaned up inside and outside when they were done.

Connie & Leo M. - Garner, NC



I’m Bob Maceda, owner and operator of Clear Choice Exteriors of the Triangle & Raleigh NC. I run my business on the foundation of honesty and professionalism. If you’re looking for top-notch service combined with the best replacement windows in the industry, you’ve come to the right place. Have any doubts? Check out my testimonials page and find out what my past customers have to say.bob-maceda-cc-triangle

With so many happy customers, you are probably wondering what is so special about my replacement windows. First of all, Clear Choice Exteriors is America’s Triple Pane company. That means my windows are the epitome of energy efficiency paired with outdoor noise reduction and condensation resistance. Furthermore, I offer Triple Pane replacement windows at prices other companies charge for plain Dual Pane. Who doesn’t want energy savings AND cash in your pocket?

I’m also proud to carry a wide variety of Double Hung, Bay & Bow, Sliding, Garden, and Casement windows, as well as doors and vinyl siding. Double Hung replacement windows (not to be confused with Dual Pane) are currently our most popular residential style!

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