nyctriplepanewindowsA report conducted by nonprofit Urban Green Council introduced a money-saving solution to reduce harmful gas emissions by 90 percent, and it almost all boils down to Triple Pane Windows. You already know that Triple Pane Windows are ultimate energy savers, but UGC believes that Triple Pane holds the power to turn around NYC’s greenhouse gas issues.

According to, 75 percent of New York City’s carbon emission comes from its buildings. Although some may find this statistic surprising, its sheer number of outdated windows heavily contributes to this data. In fact, there are nearly 10 million windows in Manhattan alone. Combine this with inefficient coal and gas heating systems, and you have yourself an awful lot of unwanted emissions leaking out of drafty windows.

Out With The Outdated

The demonstrative report recommends updating old buildings with outdated windows and replacing them with Triple Pane. Triple Pane Windows provide an ultimate source of insulation, keeping indoor temperatures at a consistent level all year long. In turn, this reduces the amount that heating systems have to run — electric or otherwise.

Drafty Windows Are Bad For The Bank Account

If every window in every building of Manhattan were replaced with energy efficient windows, this would equate to an estimated $16 million in energy savings per year; this is if all windows were upgraded from single pane. Manhattan contains roughly 47,000 buildings, with each building saving around $342 per year according to Energy Star.

The downside to this project (if you want to consider it as such), is that the goal is to replace all outdated windows with Triple Pane by 2050. With rapid advancements in technology and innovative replacement window products being developed every couple of years, there may be a window that is far more superior to Triple Pane in 2050.

Triple Pane Transforms NYC (and Your Home)

Regardless of what window products are created within the next 35 years, NYC will still be able to meet its overall goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from drafty windows.

Whether your goal is to reduce your utility bills or live a little greener, you can’t go wrong with the advantages of Triple Pane. If Triple Pane is powerful enough to make NYC a more energy efficient city, imagine what they can do for your home. Find out now by contacting your local Window Depot.