Remember those game changing inventions that you learned about in history class? The big inventions that changed the world? You may not realize it, but Triple Pane windows are changing the world, too. We’re looking back this week at the inventions that completely changed the way humans live their lives. How does this relate to Triple Pane? We’ll show you!

Triple Pane Windows Deliver in Energy Savings


Transportation took a turn in 1886 when the first car came on the market. The public was now able to easily travel from place to place, allowing people to save their energy from walking, bicycling or driving carts. Coincidentally, Triple Pane Windows are also an easy way to save energy, with way less maintenance involved than any car!

Triple Pane Uses Industry Leading Technology


Space exploration remains vastly undiscovered. Still, highly innovative technology was used to create the space shuttle, allowing humans to launch into space and explore the unknown. Innovative technology was also used to create the industry-leading Triple Pane window, but it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out how it operates and its many benefits.

Triple Pane is the Perfect Compliment to HVACs


Indoor heating technically started with fire, but it advanced into the furnace as we know it in the late 1800s. Cooling was a little further behind and came into the picture around 1920. Indoor heating and cooling was invented to help keep people more comfortable inside their homes.  Triple Pane windows help keep your home more comfortable, too, by maintaining a consistent indoor temperature of your choosing.

Triple Pane Cash Flow


It goes without saying that money makes the world go ’round. The first paper money was used in China in 960 A.D., and money as we know it in the United States began circulating in the 1860s. Everyone can use more money in their pocket, and Triple Pane Windows at Dual Pane prices will help you achieve just that. After all, if you can buy Triple Pane at Dual Pane prices, why wouldn’t you?

So, there you have it. Space ships, temp. control, cars and cash all changed the world in one way or another. With Triple Pane’s innovative technology, energy effiency and money-saving abilities, you can bet that Triple Pane is on its way to changing the world, too.