buywindowsHome Show season is in full swing, and as a consumer, attending a home show can feel overwhelming. With vendors on display at every turn, you’re likely to be drawn to the most eye-appealing booths. However, there’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to spotting the true pros. Don’t be fooled by sparkly display samples and pretty print material . . . or lack thereof. Here’s what you need to avoid while browsing the booths.

Behinds Firmly Parked Behind the Booth

Sure, it’s much easier to sit for several hours at a time and watch customers pass by. But vendors should be standing outside of their booth, looking to engage YOU. Wouldn’t you feel much more invited by a standing, smiling vendor striking up a conversation, than one who can’t be bothered to move around the booth and greet you? If you see a vendor standing, go shake their hand. They’re ready to do business.

Anti-social? Next, please.

Some vendors may honestly not enjoy participating in home shows, but understand it’s a vital part of their business. Some vendors also are not very good at concealing that they are unmotivated to be there. Texting on their phone, reading novels, playing Candy Crush and zoning out are not effective engagement tools for someone like you who is interested in their product. No eye contact? Keep moving.

Pens and Flyers. Excited yet?

We get it; not everyone has the marketing budget to spend excessive cash on a home show booth.  However, if a company’s only promotional materials include pens and flyers, we can’t help but wonder where else they are cutting corners. Look for booths that have well-made samples of their product, professional business cards and even some entertainment features like a prize wheel. Now we’re talking!

“Honestly, I’m not sure how it works. I’m just involved in marketing.”

This is a direct quote heard by a corporate Window Depot USA staff member while browsing a local home show, and it’s sad to say that this is not that rare of an encounter. If a vendor cannot explain or answer basic questions about the product at hand, look elsewhere. 

Smacktalking Competitors

Some friendly competition is one thing, but calling your competitors out by name, mocking other contractors and making derogatory comments on competing businesses is not OK. Home Show vendors should remain professional with you at all times. It’s all fun and games until they lose your sale.

It goes without saying that a little effort from vendors goes a long way for you as a customer. You need someone who knows the business inside and out with the social skills to seal the deal. Your vendor should be engaging, friendly and knowledgable. After all, you hold the buying power here. Make them work for it!