Spring is finally here and most people are itching to get outside and work on their neglected yards after the long, cold winter. ¬†Planting flowers, trimming hedges and boosting curb appeal will become top priority for many homeowners. For your enjoyment, we’ve found some examples of what NOT to do while you’re sprucing up your home this season.

Ivy Overload

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Ivy can give a home charm with a little bit of a whimsy feel. As with anything, however, there is a limit. Allowing ivy to grow rampant and seemingly engorge your home does nothing for curb appeal. It doesn’t give you much of a view, either.

Stick Out Like a Sore Thumb


There are all kinds of options these days when it comes to expressing individuality. Most of the time, originality and freedom of expression is always appreciated . . .¬†most of the time. Shocking neighbors and pedestrians probably isn’t the best idea in terms of curb appeal. At least you’ll be the talk of the town.

Less-than-inviting Porch Display

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Think of your porch as an additional room to your home. There are many beautiful options to organize and create a great outdoor space. A porch-turned-office complete with a grill and kitty litter won’t get you on the cover of HGTV magazine anytime soon.

Wild Thing?

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Animal print has its place, just maybe not all over the exterior of your house. This might work if your neighbors’ homes are zebra and tiger print . . . or if you live in a jungle.

Cheap Windows, Bad Installation

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You know those super cheap windows that you see all over TV? Stay away from those. Do some research on the replacement window company you’re looking to use, and be sure to check out testimonials and online reviews. No one wants a cheap window bringing down their curb appeal!