As we wrap up 2014, we are showcasing the newest partners of the Window Depot USA network. Last week, we featured four new locations that joined us in our mission to educate the national on the powers of Triple Pane windows. These locations included Window Depot USA of Youngstown, Window Depot USA of Boston, Window Depot USA of Jacksonville, and Window Depot USA of San Antonio. You can ready more about these new locations on Part I. Moving forward, here is our final roundup of top-notch contractors from around the country.

1. Window Depot USA of The Triad

triad Window Depot USA of The Triad joined the Window Depot network in early 2014. Owner Sim Gaddy also operates under True Traditions LLC, based in Kenersville, North Carolina. While True Traditions has only been in operation since 2012, the Window Depot Triad location brings over 40 years of experience to our network. They are a licensed general contractor that is certified in Lead Abatement. Window Depot of the Triad is also experienced in historical property restoration, so your older home can experience the benefits of Triple Pane windows.

2. Window Depot USA of Northern Maryland

northernmd Window Depot USA of Northern Maryland is owned and operated by Scott Hershey. Scott services the area of northern Maryland, as well as the area of York, Pennsylvania. Window Depot of Northern Maryland is based in Cockyesville, MD, and services the entire area with top-notch Triple Pane Windows. Northern Maryland residents won’t have to suffer through harsh winters and scorching summers  Scott’s got you covered.

3. Window Depot USA of Lincoln, Nebraska

lincoln Window Depot USA of Lincoln NE is a family-owned company that  has operated under 2 generations. Also known as J-Tech Construction, the company has been servicing the Lincoln area since 1972. Today, Window Depot USA of Lincoln NE is owned by Jason Olberding. Jason runs the company alongside his business partner Jason Oran.

4. Window Depot USA of Columbus, Ohio

columbus Window Depot USA of Columbus stems from a company called Great Roofing and Restorations, which has locations in Columbus, Ohio, Denver, Colorado, and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Window Depot USA of Columbus is owned by Josh Martin and Michael Robinson. The two have been in business together since 2008, and their company motto is Do what you say you will do. We can certainly stand behind that slogan!

5. Window Depot USA of Dallas, Texas

dallas Window Depot USA of Dallas joined the Window Depot network in Fall 2014. They operate under a company known as ATX Windows, and are owned by Scott Wright and Gene Duke. Window Depot USA of Dallas specializes in offering residents premium-quality windows at affordable prices.

6. Window Depot USA of Amarillo, Texas

amarillo Window Depot USA of Amarillo, Texas joined the Window Depot USA in Winter 2014. It is our first northern Texas location and it’s operated by owned Nick Williams.

7. Window Depot USA of Cleveland, Mississippi

clevelandms Finally, we are excited to welcome Window Depot USA’s first Mississippi location: Window Depot USA of Cleveland, Mississippi. Window Depot of Cleveland, MS is owned and operated by Karl Mount. Karl is dedicated to giving the state of Mississippi its first taste of high quality triple pane windows from a national replacement window company.

The entire Window Depot USA network has made 2014 a year to remember. The future of the replacement window industry is bright, and Window Depot is only going to grow bigger and better as the years go by. Window Depot only recruits the best in the business. If a local Window Depot contractor is in your area, rest assured that you will receive top-notch customer with the highest-quality products on the market. Keep your eyes peeled for a Window Depot USA location coming near you.