Spring celebration comes easy with Garden Windows. Although they’re appropriate for any season, we can’t help but think of blooming flowers and sunshine whenever Garden Windows come into mind. These windows are designed to make your home look like an indoor garden, but there are lots of other reasons to appreciate their design.

And best of all, Garden Windows are perfect for celebrating Spring.

garden windows

1. Garden Windows Light up Your Life

OK, so maybe they are just really good at lighting up your kitchen. Either way, Garden Windows let in tons of light. They are made entirely of glass to capture the sun’s rays and maximize the amount of light that streams through your window. Not only does extra sunlight promote plant growth, but it can also put you in a happier mood after a long and gloomy winter.

2.  Show Your Indoor Plants Lots of Love

Speaking of plant growth, Garden Windows are designed to house indoor plants, from ferns to flowers. They are the perfect showcase for your indoor plant collection and shower your indoor garden with sunlight all day long. What’s not a love about a window that loves plants?

3. Extend Your View of The World

Garden Windows are similar in design to Bay Windows, in the sense that they create space and open up your view of the outside world. Spring is a season of bright colors and rebirth—and you won’t miss a minute of it with your Garden Windows.

4. Spring Your Kitchen Into Style

Why settle for a boring window above your kitchen sink? Add some oomph with a Garden Window and a pop of color with flowers and foliage. With Garden Windows, your kitchen will transform into a springtime sanctuary all year long. Not to mention, they add a big boost of personality to your kitchen space.

5. Get a Head Start With Your Outdoor Garden

As you wait for the ground to thaw, you can get a head start on your springtime planting with garden windows. You can regrow vegetables from scraps or start a mini herb garden for seasoning your meals. You don’t have to wait for perfect conditions for outside gardening­—get a head start right in your own kitchen.

6.  Bring in The Springtime Breeze

Nothing beats the smell of spring. Garden Windows are constructed with operable casement windows on each side, so you can enjoy the fresh spring breeze every minute of the day.

7. Select Garden Windows With Springtime Colors

If you love Spring colors as much as we do, there are a couple vinyl color options that you’re bound to enjoy. Garden Windows are available in colors such as Ivy Green and Evergreen to match your blooming plants. You can also opt for Brandywine—a deep red that will match your beautiful outdoor rose bushes.

Now that you know all about Garden Windows, you’re probably wondering how you can get your hands on one. It’s easy to contact us to learn more about these unique windows and satisfy both your green thumb and your sense of style.