6LessonsWindowDepotUSAEvery business in just about any industry studies their competition. Analyzing competitor trends in marketing and sales leaves clues to what matters most to customers. As one of the fastest growing replacement window companies in the country, Window Depot has received a lot of feedback about XYZ window company dropping the ball, not following through on expectations, or even jacking up the total price at the last minute. Competitor mistakes have lead the way of showing exactly what not to do inside of customers’ homes, and we have become an even better replacement window company thanks to these 6 lessons.

Lesson #1: Don’t Stand On Windows (and Shatter Them)

This story came from a customer specifically in the Youngstown, Ohio area. An elderly woman and her adult grandson were in the midst of a window demonstration, when a competitor stood on the window sample as part of the demonstration. The window reportedly shattered right in the middle of the customer’s living room with glass fragments sinking into the carpet. We will let you come to your own conclusion on the outcome to this in-home demonstration.

Lesson #2: Generalizations Don’t Matter

In the world of windows, a lot of generalizations are made in terms of energy and utility bill savings. As a customer, you already know that new replacement windows will save you more energy. However, it is a lot more compelling to hear exactly how much energy and money you will save because of your new windows. At Window Depot, our customers can enjoy a savings of over $400 per year if you are replacing single pane windows. Replacement of double pane windows can help you keep an extra $100 in your pocket per year. If you are upgrading to Triple Pane Windows, your savings can increase to an additional ~15%.

Lesson #3: Respect Customers’ Time

No one wants to be stuck in a sales pitch that lasts for 3 hours. Frankly, there is no reason for it. We do request about an hour of your time for your free in home demonstration. We won’t keep you any longer unless you have questions. Our goal is not to put you to sleep or watch the clock as the minutes tick by. We want to inform you, answer questions, and enable you to make an educated decision.

Lesson #4: Don’t Bait and Switch

Nothing irritates customers more than shady bait and switch tactics by replacement window companies. Unfortunately, this tactic is quite common in the replacement window industry. We don’t use too good to be true prices to get our foot in the door with our customers; we let our product value speak for itself.

Lesson #5: Crystal Clear Warranty Terms

Window warranties can be a bit confusing because similar terminology can vary widely from company to company. For example, a lifetime warranty may consist of 5 years at one company and 25 years at another. Another example is the stipulations of a transferrable warranty; some warranties allow you to transfer several times, while other warranties only allow one transfer. Our sales representatives carefully explain our warranty agreement with step-by-step instructions on what to do in the event that you need to use it some day.

Lesson #6: Proven Value and Credibility

Our premium replacement window products are top notch, but we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. Our windows are proven to exceed Energy Star’s 2016 energy regulations, earning the 2014 Most Efficient award for the second year in a row. Not to mention, Window Depot USA made the Top 500 List at spot number 28 for Qualified Remodeler. We continuously add experienced partners to our expanding markets, and only accept the best of the best into the Window Depot network.

When you request a free price quote, you will experience the expertise and top quality products of Window Depot USA first hand.

Window Depot is quickly transforming into one of the most trusted window retailers in the window industry, and we look forward to proving ourselves to you both in the home and through our unparalleled replacement window products.