The media’s been buzzing for the last week or two over NBA superstar LeBron James’ decision to switch from Miami Heat to Cleveland Cavaliers. Window Depot USA is an Ohio-based company, and we’re pretty sure something magical happened when LeBron announced his decision to return to Cleveland. With the excitement of hisĀ homecoming, we couldn’t help but think of the reasons why LeBron would love Triple Pane Windows . . . and why you should love them, too!

Triple Pane is 50% More Efficient Than Standard Dual Pane

LeBron is excited, and so are we. Triple Pane Windows from Window Depot USA are 50% more efficient than your run-of-the-mill dual pane window. Not only that, they are roughly 25-30% more efficient than Energy Star rated dual pane.

Why Is It So Quiet In Here?

With Triple Pane Windows in your home, you won’t hear much of anything. The silence may be a bit confusingĀ at first, but trust us, you’ll love it.

Triple Pane Keeps You Healthy

Pro athletes need to stay healthy, and so do you. Triple Pane Windows reduce condensation which can cause mold and mildew to grow in your home. No one wants to get sick because your windows can’t keep out water from humidity or bad airflow.

Temperature Is No Match For Triple Pane Comfort

Say goodbye to sweaty summer days and shivering winter nights. Triple Pane beats out the heat and the cold, keeping your home at a consistent comfortable temperature regardless of climate.

Triple Pane is Affordable

And we don’t mean if your salary is $19 million. Window Depot USA offers Triple Pane at the same price that other companies offer dual pane. If you can buy Triple Pane windows at dual pane prices, why wouldn’t you? Photo credit: Tumblr