5 minute window quote

We live in a society where faster is better. Faster cars, faster internet, faster service, and now . . . faster window quotes?  As one of the newest marketing gimmicks to pop up in the replacement window industry, 5 minute window quotes over the phone might have you thinking you’re on the fast track to replacing your windows. Amongst other issues, the biggest problem of giving 5 minute window quotes over the phone is that the operator cannot see important details; the details that can heavily impact your final price.

While you will receive a rough estimate over the phone, you can pretty much bank on your bill being higher than what you hear on the other end of the line. Not to mention, your quote is calculated quickly because the work is done by someone else . . . you.

5 minute window quotes make you do the legwork

If you’re requesting a window quote in 5 minutes, it’s likely that you are relatively busy and want your windows replaced fast. A large part of the 5-minute gimmick is put on you. You will be responsible for measuring your own windows and filling out a questionnaire from home. After you measure 15 windows and complete your questionnaire, your quote turns into a lot more than just 5 minutes.

5 minute window quotes don’t account for structural damage

The structure surrounding the old window makes a difference in cost. For example, if you have rotting wood around your window frame, it will need to be repaired before your new windows are installed. Surprise! Your $250-per-window quote just jumped to $500 per window. If you have a replacement window company come to your house for your initial quote, you will eliminate most surprises from the start.

5 minute window quotes leave no time for questions

You might get your quote over the phone, but what about warranty details? Energy questions? Installation concerns?  Most of your questions will have to wait until the salesman is in your home.

5 minute window quotes fall short for exploring options

There’s a whole world out there in terms of energy options, vinyl color selections and glass configurations. But what are your options? Since you’re expected to do the legwork of measuring your windows, you’re on your own for researching energy options and color choices, too.

5 minute window quotes just aren’t accurate

The bottom line is that there are just too many variables to take into account for an accurate replacement window quote in 5 minutes, especially over the phone. Replacement window companies have to consider structure, materials, installation variables an aesthetic options when giving an accurate replacement window quote. Have a professional replacement window company come to your home, measure your windows and give you an accurate quote on the spot. You’ll be glad you did.