Photo Credit: Flickr

Photo Credit: Flickr

There’s an awful lot of beautiful windows on the market these days: Casement Windows, Bay and Bow Windows, Sliding Windows, and of course, the classic Double Hung. As Window Depot USA’s most popular window style, the Double Hung Window is sold to more satisfied customers than any other window in our product line. If you’re replacing your windows while trying to decide which style is right for you, chances are the answer is Double Hung  and here’s why.

1. Double Hung Windows Are Timeless

The concept of the Double Hung Window emerged in the late 1600s, with its invention speculated as a result of The Great Fire of London. The earliest Double Hungs were found in English Manor houses in the 1670s, such as London’s Ham House. With Double Hung windows engineered some 400 years ago, you’d think the originals would look vastly different than the Double Hungs of today. However, this isn’t exactly the case. Modern Double Hungs possess the basic function of their 17th century ancestors, but their materials have transitioned between wood, aluminum and vinyl. Whether your home is 2 years old or 200 years old, you can bet that Double Hung windows will enhance your home’s beauty.

2. Extra Easy to Use and Maintain

If you want to open your double hung window, all you need to do is unlock and lift; that’s it. The sash glides upright so you can enjoy a fresh breeze. Cleaning is even easier — the sash pulls down and inside your home, so you can clean the glass without the need of going outside and getting a ladder. You won’t be spending your Saturday afternoons cleaning windows with the Double Hung; cleaning is convenient and quick.

3. Double Hungs Compliment Every Style of Home

Double Hung Windows are kind of like a little black dress; they’re the go-to window style that looks beautiful all the time. Double Hungs look breathtaking in Victorians, Cape Cods, Tudors, Colonials, Row Homes, and any other style of home on the market. There aren’t too many appliances that literally look great on everything, but the Double Hung is one of them.

4. The Double Hung Double Whammy

Have you ever had to sacrifice looks for function? How about the other way around? There’s no sacrificing with this window style. You can get your custom made window in a variety of colors with energy efficient features, such as Triple Pane. If you’re looking for something attractive and functional, look no further than the Double Hung.

Now that you see what makes Double Hung Windows so desirable, you’re probably ready to find out how much they cost. While we can’t give you an exact price at this very moment, we’re happy to come over for a visit and talk numbers. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation price quote.

We added a bonus reason why you’ll choose the Double Hung on this week’s video!